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The responsibility of running a full service store is great, but the rewards and pride I take in The Bridal Chateau staff and service is all the reward I need. I’ve designed gowns and accessories for over 20 years. My knowledge of this industry is endless and my guarantee is on everything we at The Bridal Chateau can offer.

Before you decide on your gown, come and visit us at The Bridal Chateau. See what we’ve done to deserve your business. We are unmatched in this industry. We excel in our services and our selection of gowns is endless. I can say with pride that we are credited as a premier store and we truly earned this recognition through hard work and determination.

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There is so much to consider and to decide when planning a wedding. One of those choices includes picking a bridal store. When deciding, be sure the store you choose offers:

  • A large volume of gowns to choose from on display for you to see.
  • Make sure you are allowed to go through the gowns yourself with assistance from a bridal consultant.
  • Be wary of a store that does not employ a full time staff.
  • Does the store offer layaway and how is their layaway handled?
  • Be sure the gown can remain in the store until your wedding or until you are ready to pick it up, if not ask why.
  • Make sure all alterations are done on the store’s premises and the store has an alterationist on staff at all times.
  • Be sure the store will guarantee all work done on your gown with the charges listed.
  • Can the alteration department offer changes to your gown based on your needs?
  • Be sure the store owner and manager oversee all phases of work done on your gown and can address any issue that could come up.


I thought I’d seen it all! Recently I have had customers bring their gowns to me which were purchased at another store, and ask me to alter it and press their gown. This may seem normal, but the most outrageous part is that the stores don’t even press the gown they sold at a fair market price to the customer.

I felt very sorry for these customers when they go to a store to purchase a gown and do not get it the way it was displayed. All gowns I’m sure were pressed for stock, but when they ordered the gown the store gave them a wrinkled mess. The customer is stuck and can’t wear it that way. I was told the store did offer the service of pressing, but it came with a large fee up to $150.

I couldn’t believe a store would do this to an honest customer. When a gown comes in packaged in a box, the gown is inspected and the only way that gown can be inspected properly is by pressing it. You can see every flaw in the fabric or marks that can occur in manufacturing. Seeing these gowns wrinkled only confirmed what I’ve felt which is that the store doesn’t care. It doesn’t have a trained staff of people to handle this service.

The gown the customer tried on was pressed to get the sale but once they had the sale all responsibility seemed to end. Customers, be careful and ask questions:

  1. Will the gown be inspected?
  2. How is it inspected?
  3. Will my gown be pressed before I pick it up?
  4. Will there be a charge for pressing?

(Make these stores own up to their responsibilities)

When you try your own gown on for the first time, it should look better than the sample you chose from. I promise, at The Bridal Chateau, you will be happy with your purchase. We will not give you a wrinkled gown that has not been inspected properly.

We have a team of pressers that inspect each gown and press it as soon as it comes in. After all alterations are done, the customer comes in to pick up her gown and accessories. The gown is completely pressed from the lining and netting through to the top layer and inspected again in case any beads get loose in all the handling. The gown is then left out for the customer to view and inspect for herself before she leaves with it.

Ladies, be careful!

Bridal is the most demanding business in the retail industry. Customers’ body size changes from the time they choose the gown to the day they take it out of the store. Many girls lose weight (who wouldn’t want to look their best?). Choosing their gown gives them incentive to lose weight; and why not? Some girls get pregnant, change their shoes (which changes dress length), or change their venues. Whatever issues may arise, the store should be there for that customer’s needs.

When a customer has issues and is scared or confused, I feel great knowing we were able to help. It can’t be just about business. Just being there for our customers gives them solace that we have their back. I tell you, many a customer has become my friend—I love it!

The Bridal Chateau Staff.

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